Our solution

  • Bitcover - an easy to use, customisable, and transparent hedging & treasury management platform for crypto assets.
  • Bitcover allows clients to effectively manage the volatility of their digital assets, creating much needed certainty for their investments.
  • Navigating the digital assets derivatives market can be challenging. Getting the right skills and knowledge to go to crypto exchanges costs time - time that our clients would rather spend in their business. Bitcover makes it easy for them.

How Bitcover works

  • 1
    Tell us the crypto asset and amount you want to hedge
  • 2
    Select your risk appetite and length of time to protect your crypto asset
  • 3
    We’ll confirm cover amount and protection levels, ready for you to execute

About us

  • Bitcover combines a depth of expertise and knowledge in financial services and blockchain technology. This allows us to provide unique digital asset management solutions for our clients.
  • We apply the same strict risk and capital management principles that are applied to regulated banks and financial service companies.


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